The Academics of getting into Business. We specialize in helping research scientists best prepare themselves to make the transition from academia to the business world.


The Training Course

In this course you'll learn about 24 basic business competencies that businesses value, and how your own experiences translate to this language of business.

You will also assess yourself for these 24 competencies to see how your current skills match current business needs and receive a personalized report that displays where your competencies are relative to potential positions you might pursue and the kinds of companies where you might like to work.

You can also use your self-evaluation to identify weaknesses that you can work on through coaching or coursework in order to better prepare you for your dream job.

Finally, the exercises in our course will also help you to develop better ways of expressing your unique value in language more suited for a resume or in a job interview.


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The fee for this online course is $19.95 and is payable prior to presentation. Upon payment approval you will will be able to log in and begin the course. The course can be completed within a couple of hours and you will have the ability to logout and resume where you left off at a later date. To begin click on the payment button below.


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