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Preparing scientists for professional careers

Your value to next employer is:

Your scientific identity: your really great science

Your business identity: how you do great science 

Your social identity: how the team does great science

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2 Day BootcampsGet_your_first_job.html
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Preparing for your Professional Career

  1. Develop your Personal Brand

  2. Self Assessment

  3. ID your top 5 business and social skills

  4. Build your Network

  5. Leave with a career action plan

Landing Your First Job

  1. ID business and social skills in job ads

  2. Map job skills to your top 5 business and social skills

  3. Develop targeted resume

  4. Prepare for Interviews

  5. Build and leverage your network

It’s about the team

  1. Effective leadership

  2. Developing your team

  3. Successful communications as a scientist

  4. Finance and negotiation

Growing and Success in your Job

  1. Develop career action plan

  2. Build your in-house network

  3. Learn and apply leadership skills

  4. Learn and apply advanced communications to build your team and collaborative image

Our three SciPhD programs will show you how!

SciPhD featured in Nature!